AGM 2019

AGM 2019

Our AGM was held on 19th. June 2019 in the Augustine United Church in Edinburgh – thanks to all who attended and to those who sent their apologies.

Former MSP Dave Thompson was re-elected as Convener, and MSP John Mason as Treasurer. Other committee members are Alison Campbell,  Canon Kenneth Gordon and Veronica Thompson.

Dave Thompson and co-ordinator Marjorie Wilson reported on the busy year we had had:

fringe events (a talk and a service) at SNP conferences,

the setting up of the Theology Working Group,

increased contact with members and supporters,

production of a new leaflet,

email newsletters to supporters,

social media campaign of almost daily posts on Facebook and Twitter,

participation in the Scottish Independence Convention (SIC).

Dave announced his resignation for personal reasons from the board of the SIC and of Voices for Scotland, while remaining as CFI’s delegate to the SIC.

John Mason’s Treasurer’s report showed expenditure continuing to exceed income, with a pressing need for donations from supporters of our work.

It was resolved to start an appeal for funds: without the help of our members and supporters we cannot continue our activities to persuade Christians of the need for and rightness of Independence in time for the next referendum. (You can read our appeal here).