CFI Route to Independence

Christians for Independence (CFI) has adopted the following position in relation to the preferred route to Independence for the people of Scotland.

  1. It is clear that the UK establishment has set its face against another referendum on Scottish Independence despite the Scottish Government holding several mandates from the Scottish people.
  2. It is also clear, following the Supreme Court judgement of 2022, that the Scottish Parliament does not hold the power, under current UK law, without a Section 30 order, to hold a referendum on Scottish Independence.
  3. Subsequently, it is clear that the only legitimate democratic means of establishing the will of the Scottish people for Independence is through Scottish and UK General Elections and this principle must be set at the next available General Election.
  4. In order to achieve this, independence supporting parties should work together in unity with each other, and the wider ‘YES’ Movement, and should put a mandate for independence at the top of their General Election manifestos from now on.
  5. A majority of votes for independence supporting parties, with such a mandate, at a General Election will be taken to be an instruction from the people of Scotland to the Scottish Government to begin negotiations immediately with the rUK for Independence.
  6. In order to reaffirm the principle that the sovereignty of Scotland rests with its people, a Constitutional Convention, or similar body, should be set up to encompass Civic Scotland, the Public, the ‘YES’ Movement and Scottish Political Parties and to kick-start Scotland’s constitutional journey by engaging directly with the people of Scotland on the issue of “Scotland’s Right to Choose”.