Welcome to the website of Christians For Independence, the group for Christians who support Scottish Independence.

Our latest news:

Members Meeting

Our most recent Members Meeting was  held on Wednesday 31st January by Zoom.
New members are always welcome. If you would like to join CFI, please fill in our contact form, or email us at christiansforindependence@gmail.com.


Interview:  strategies for Independence

Christians for Independence Convener Dave Thompson was interviewed recently on the Scottish Indy Podcast, in a series on Strategies for Independence. The discussion covered many aspects such as how we build support for independence, the role of a Constitutional Convention, the forthcoming UK General Election and more.
You can watch the interview on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZJnO2OUj80, or listen to it on the Scottish Indy Podcast website at https://scottishindypod.scot/scottish-party-politics/independence-strategy-debates-pt3/.


Route to Independence

Like other independence-supporting organisations, we have been discussing the Route to Independence: what will work in the current political situation, and how can we achieve this?  Dave Thompson, our Convener, has drawn up our agreed and preferred Route to Independence, taking into account revisions suggested at our last two members’ meetings. You can read the Route to Independence here, and we welcome comments on it.

Independence Forum Scotland

Christians for Independence is joining the new Independence Forum Scotland, with our Convener Dave Thompson as our representative. This is a new body which aims to unite the independence movement, set up a National Convention to try to achieve independence and, by means of working groups, deal with all aspects of establishing an independent state.  It is not party-political and membership is composed of civic and grassroots bodies. We are very pleased to be a part of this promising new organisation.