Why we need your help

Why we need your help



Christians For Independence has never stopped campaigning for Independence –  see the News and Past Events pages.  But now a second Independence referendum in the near future has become a strong possibility, so we are redoubling our efforts to show fellow-Christians that a vote for Independence is the best way to achieve a fair and compassionate society in Scotland.

We have set up a working group to find the theological arguments to persuade people that Scottish Independence is much more compatible with Christian belief than remaining under Westminster rule –  here we have to combat some strongly held prejudices and assumptions. The aim is to produce campaign materials that can be used nationwide to appeal to Christians of all denominations.

We will also be holding meetings and talks, to allow people to discuss all aspects of the Independence debate from a Christian viewpoint.

We are working also on finding a way to safeguard Christianity in the Constitution which an independent Scotland will have.

And of course we will continue to interact with the public via social media, bringing our Facebook and Twitter followers relevant news items.

To do all this we need funds:  We hope to raise £20,000, to cover our costs for the next two years:  supporting the theology working group, printing campaign materials, hire of venues for meetings and events, and the cost of employing our part-time Co-ordinator, who is necessary to ensure the cohesive approach needed for our success.

 Please consider whether you can help us, either with a single donation or a monthly contribution, and if so, please make a donation –  click the Donate button.

If you prefer to donate directly to our bank account, you can do so: Bank of Scotland, sort code 80-22-60, account name Christians For Independence, account number 10893766.