Inverness Freedom March

Inverness  Freedom  March

Some of our members took part in the Freedom March in Inverness on 25th. January 2020. There was a fantastic turnout for a cold, windy winter’s day in a northern city –  estimates range from 6000 upwards.  The route led right through the centre of the city, down the High Street and along the River Ness. At the end, the crowd was adressed by local SNP MPs Ian Blackford and Drew Hendry. Yet again we showed the world how we reject the Tory UK government’s schemes for our country and how we stand strong for our democratic right to govern ourselves and take our proper place in Europe and the world.

The march proceeds down the High Street

The Christians For Independence banner







CFI members on the march



Ian Blackford MP. leader of the SNP in the House of Commons, addresses the crowd.