Paper by Andy Doig

Paper by Andy Doig:

Some preliminary points, yes a secular/humanist constitution is sadly highly likely given the ideological focus of all Scottish parties, including the pro indy ones, so I very much agree we should do one which reflects the Christian heritage of Scotland.

A second point, given the agegroup we are looking at which attends church I think a plan of attack would be for CFI to produce something akin to the Wee Blue Book, that is, a small book containing arguments for independence from a Christian viewpoint, that can be distributed and easily slipped into a jacket pocket or a handbag. A possible title could be God Bless Scotland – the Journey to Full Nationhood. I think it is important to avoid the I word simply because opposition to independence is strongest in this age group and we want waverers to read our case and not refuse to read it.

A summary of contents could be

  1. The historic role of the Church in winning independence during the Wars of Independence
  2. Old Testament arguments for independence
  3. New Testament arguments for independence
  4. The Gospel arguments for independence
  5. Arguments from Christian Tradition for independence
  6. A Q and A section at the end of the book