Our AGM this year will be held as a Zoom meeting, at 7pm on Wednesday 24th. June 2020. Invitations to the AGM have been sent to all members. If you have not yet replied, please do so now, by emailing us at; we will then add you to the list of people wishing to attend and will send you the access details for the meeting. Here is a link to the agenda.

If you are not a member of CFI but would like to join us, please get in touch by email as above or by completing the form on the contact page of this website.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown,

many of our normal activities have been curtailed. All marches for independence have been cancelled, along with the celebrations of the 700th. anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath, and there is no opportunity for fringe events with party conferences cancelled.

But our work goes on where possible: we continue to post regularly on Facebook and Twitter on matters relevant to Christians in Scotland concerning our religion and our campaign for independence, particularly in the context of the present crisis. The Theology Working Group has continued work on its booklet, Scotland the Nation, which is now almost ready for publication. We held our first digital committee meeting on 18th. May, and we have now scheduled our AGM this year as a Zoom meeting (see above)

CFI supports Kate Forbes

Kate Forbes MSP delivers the Scottish Government’s budget, 6th. February 2020


In an article in The National, Christians For Independence has backed the appointment of Kate Forbes as Finance Secretary. It had been reported that unnamed sources were concerned about her wariness over proposed changes to the Gender Recognition laws, and that her Christian faith could make her unsuitable for a senior government position. Her links to former SNP MSP Dave Thompson, whom she succeeded in the constituency of Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch, were also mentioned; Dave Thompson is also a committed Christian and a founder member and Convener of Christians For Independence (CFI).

In the article, Dave Thompson dismissed concerns about Miss Forbes’ suitability for office, saying that those who questioned it showed “a distinct lack of understanding of the Christian faith”. He also said that CFI welcomes all Christians believers, and that its core belief is Christ’s command to love our neighbours as ourselves, with independence giving Scotland the chance to build a “fair, just and compassionate society”.

He also explained that “As Christian views are very diverse, we do not take a position on those matters which are particularly controversial such as gay marriage, GRA, abortion and assisted suicide, which are left to the conscience of our individual members”.

The full text of the article can be found at


Inverness  Freedom  March

Some of our members took part in the Freedom March in Inverness on 25th. January 2020. There was a fantastic turnout for a cold, windy winter’s day in a northern city –  estimates range from 6000 upwards.  The route led right through the centre of the city, down the High Street and along the River Ness. At the end, the crowd was adressed by local SNP MPs Ian Blackford and Drew Hendry. Yet again we showed the world how we reject the Tory UK government’s schemes for our country and how we stand strong for our democratic right to govern ourselves and take our proper place in Europe and the world.

The march proceeds down the High Street

The Christians For Independence banner


CFI members on the march

Ian Blackford MP. leader of the SNP in the House of Commons, addresses the crowd.





General  Election  Press Release

It was decided at our meeting on 23rd. November to issue a press release prior to the General Election on 12th. December, urging Christians to vote for an independence-supporting party. The press release was written by Dave Thompson, our Convener, and sent to as many as possible of all the Scottish media outlets. You can read the full text here.



March for Independence, Edinburgh, October 2019

Members of Christians For Independence took part in the Edinburgh March for Independence on Saturday 5th. October. We were happy to be part of the crowd of at least 200,000 who marched from Holyrood Park to the Meadows to show our determination to restore sovereignty to our nation. This was also the first outing for our new banners!

CFI members assemble before the march

Our new banner

The march proceeding up the Royal Mile

Aerial vew of the start of the march


Theology  Working  Group

We have set up a Theology Working Group to research arguments showing that a belief in Scottish independence is wholly compatible with Christian doctrine, and to formulate these arguments in a way that can be easily expressed in a leaflet for distribution amongst Christians. The first meeting took place in Edinburgh on 10th. August 2019, and a brief report has been produced on its proceedings (see Theology Working Group page, link above).  If anyone else is interested in joining the group, please email us at

Work is now well underway on producing a paper, Scotland and Nationhood, which will be published in spring 2020.



Christians For Independence is a long-standing, voting member of the Scottish Independence Convention (SIC); our Convener, Dave Thompson, retired in August 2019 from his office as  Vice-Convener of the SIC and Director  of the SIC’s new campaigning company, Voices for Scotland.
In April 2019 the SIC published an update on its work: read the full report here.



In 2019 the Scottish Independence Convention (SIC) set up a new campaign organization, with the stated aim of raising support for independence to over 50% (and hopefully much higher), and getting the Yes movement to a place in the opinion polls where we can successfully call for a referendum. The launch of the new organization took place in Edinburgh on 25th. April 2019.